Battle Companies Manager



Battle Companies Manager is solely developed and hosted by Pat Gaunt, a player and fan of the game.

To create the best experience possible, I avoided adding adverts, however as the user base has increased, so have the costs. If you find the app useful, please consider donating to help support the continued development, and as a thank you I will disable adverts for your account (Minimum donation of £1 due to fees).

Please note, removing adverts is currently a manual process, so the adverts will not disappear immediately. If you are still seeing adverts 24 hours after your donation please contact me through the Facebook group.


There's still some way to go until the app is complete, below are a few features that I plan to add over time.

  • Groups - add ability to create groups with your friends so it's easier to track progress through campaigns.
  • Battle History - store past battles with their results, so you can track the progression of your battle company.
  • Map Based Campaigns - better support for map based campaign rewards.
  • Custom Sorting - allow you to select the order items and warriors are shown in on the various pages